Thursday, October 22, 2009

0-77 Photo Exhibit at YoyaMart

YoyaMart is working on a serie of photo exhibits, the first one to be launched next week. The intention of YoyaMart is to create a design environment related to the children's world but compatible with adult's taste. The first two participating artists are Ron Agam and Marc Dumas. The exhibit will coincide with a party held at the store for the launch of Milk Deco 3, on October 29th. For more info tel +1 212 242 5511.

Ron Agam flower portraits "In Full Bloom" point to the grandeur of Nature as reflected in some of its most fragile creations. His images are relevant to this time of ecological crisis. Ron spent his childhood between Paris & Rehovot, Israel.

Marc Dumas divides his time between Paris and Savador de Bahia where he captures the energy of Brazilian kids. He is a Professor of visual communication at Ecole Camondo in Paris.