Monday, October 19, 2009

The life of dolls

Argentinian artist Paola Zakimi spent her childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia. Her independent nature led her to Buenos Aires where she studied Arts and Graphic design. She is now based in Villa Giardino (on the Argentinian seaside), where she is a full-time artist making art doll, painting, drawing, illustration.

Zakimi could have been created by Goldoni; she has taken after Gepetto. She says about her dolls "They all have names, feelings, emotions and life histories. Each one has its own character, point of view and statement. We never struggle or fight, we become friends, we trust each other. All of them like to read but sometimes I read to them. They always listen, Im not sure its because they enjoy it or they are just being polite."
The dolls are sold on Paola's website and on Etsy.