Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One step ahead

Anorak Magazine is always a step ahead. This fantastic UK children magazine, labeled as the Happy Mag for Kids, now has its own iPhone & iPod Touch application. Happy words search games. Happy colouring-in pages. Happy cycling game. Available from early November on iTunes. iWant it now.


The British designers MillerGoodman who brought us ShapeMaker have launched yet another beautiful children's toy called PlayShapes. It's a unique and fun modular set of geometric wooden shapes which can be endlessly arranged or stacked to produce hunders of 3D creations. Beautifully crafted from durable rubberwood, they engage every child's imagination. As Albert Einstein put it so well together: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all, we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." It will launch soon on www.shhhop.com and is available for wholesale in select stores.

Little Bean Shop Launches

Christine Visneau, from Baby Bean Vintage Daywear and Small Magazine is striking again with a very attractive new online shop, following the opening of her store in East Dallas. Of course it carries her eponymous vintage line Baby Bean, but it also sells a nicely edited selection of Clover New York, Mini Rotation and more. All Bubble favorites.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stella for Gap

So good to see that designer & the high street (aka main street) are collaborating in the kids world as well. Stella McCartney's line for Gap Kid and BabyGap will be unveiled this November 4th, available in the UK, France, Japan, the US and Canada. The line includes cashmere blankets for newborns, brushed cotton blazers with silk lapels, wool military jackets embroidered with gold thread. Prices go from $14 to $128 for jackets and they're going to fly from the shelves, or so we think. The ad campaign has been shot by Ryan McGinley, above is a preview of the sweet images.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

0-77 Photo Exhibit at YoyaMart

YoyaMart is working on a serie of photo exhibits, the first one to be launched next week. The intention of YoyaMart is to create a design environment related to the children's world but compatible with adult's taste. The first two participating artists are Ron Agam and Marc Dumas. The exhibit will coincide with a party held at the store for the launch of Milk Deco 3, on October 29th. For more info tel +1 212 242 5511.

Ron Agam flower portraits "In Full Bloom" point to the grandeur of Nature as reflected in some of its most fragile creations. His images are relevant to this time of ecological crisis. Ron spent his childhood between Paris & Rehovot, Israel.

Marc Dumas divides his time between Paris and Savador de Bahia where he captures the energy of Brazilian kids. He is a Professor of visual communication at Ecole Camondo in Paris.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Innovative design for a crisis

Trio of Swedish architects Claesson/Koivisto/Rune is proving that innovation is the best weapon in times of crisis. With the help of STFI-Packfosk (research&development) and Södra (Production factory), they have created Papuru, a chair for children made of DuraPulp (derivative of paper) and PLA (bioplactic extracted form corn starch). It's all very technical and it has to be, to achieve that performance : the chair is waterproof, recyclable, stackable, colorful...and it should cost half of the price of a classic plastic chair. We can't wait to see it in stores (2010).

Straight from the 50's, with a twist

A newborn in the family of inspiring online stores, Edmond offers a selection of furniture and vintage objects from the 1950's. Their children's selection includes miniature chairs, bedside tables, lamps, French school desks in a large array of prices. The pieces are either left in their vintage state or restored and actualized. Next to the collector's items signed Thonet, Charles & Ray Eames, Marcel Gascoin, Jean Prouvé, Edmond has added its own line of limited editions, which uses raw materials such as wood and wool. We particularly like the raw-wood miniature stools.
Photos Annabel Salesa

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Myths, legends and Mini A Ture

Founded in 2001, Mini A Ture has established itself as one of the leading Danish brands in Europe. For their Autumn/Winter 09 collection, designer Katrine Lemvigh Montag has found inspiration in the magical world of fairytales inhabited by ogres, enchanted animals and beautiful princesses. The result is a high quality and contemporary collection with signature colour combinations. We can’t wait to discover what's next with the brand at Bubble London January 2010!

Monday, October 19, 2009

where the wild things are

Where the wild things are is drawing inspiration on everyone at the moment...Kudos to LA-based Entertaining Elephants and its sweet interpretation of thermals and bunny hats.

The life of dolls

Argentinian artist Paola Zakimi spent her childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia. Her independent nature led her to Buenos Aires where she studied Arts and Graphic design. She is now based in Villa Giardino (on the Argentinian seaside), where she is a full-time artist making art doll, painting, drawing, illustration.

Zakimi could have been created by Goldoni; she has taken after Gepetto. She says about her dolls "They all have names, feelings, emotions and life histories. Each one has its own character, point of view and statement. We never struggle or fight, we become friends, we trust each other. All of them like to read but sometimes I read to them. They always listen, Im not sure its because they enjoy it or they are just being polite."
The dolls are sold on Paola's website and on Etsy.

Molo world!

Available for boys and girls age 0 to 10, Molo Kids brings a serious touch of style to any child’s wardrobe. From knit cardigans to denim and colorful leggings, the looks are always fresh, funky and urban. Autumn/Winter 09 sees the launch of a footwear range with leather ballerina flats for girls and winter sneakers for boys. Molo Kids will exhibit at Bubble London, for the fourth season, to our delight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Iconic brand

It's clever, it's stylish, the fits are perfect, it lasts forever...we hear so many good things about Finger in the nose. We are fans ourselves. The new collection just reached the Brooklyn store Sweet William. Hurry up before the sought after jackets and jeans fly off the racks and shelves! Finger in the nose is also available at Harvey Nichols in London. Their own online store is due soon...stay tuned!.

Eco fabulous

Set up in 2006 by designer Hannah Evans, Piccalilly is about modern and stylish eco clothes for babies and children. The collection features nightgowns, blankets and hooded tops. It is made from the softest organic cotton sourced in India through the Chetna Project. If you are looking to make little girls happy, keep in mind that Picallilly's fairy and ballerina dresses make fabulous gifts. Piccalilly will exhibit at Bubble London 31 January & 1 February 2010.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the selling power of words

Food for thought. There's an interesting experiment going on on Ebay right now. A series of 100 objects bought from junk shops have been put up for sale under the project name Significant Objects. 100 writers have each been assigned one object, and asked to write a compelling story about it, in order to make it, well, significantly sellable. So far the sale has totalled $2,141.62 on an original value of $90.97. A nice reminder of the objective vs. subjective value of things.

Bohemian effect

Charming collection for girls aged one to eight, Nixie Clothing is inspired by the folk arts movement. For her one of a kind pieces, Nicole Frobusch uses vintage fabrics and reconditioned wools . All the materials are locally sourced and produced ethically in London. The must have this season? The 70’s kimono style coat. Don’t miss Nixie Clothing at Bubble London: 31 January & 1 February 2010.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cream of the crop

Emilie Perez is a French mother based in London who designs fresh and inspiring decor items. Emilie says she it all started trying to make the life of her son Mael more fun and lovely. Her line featuring guitars, saxophones, cushions rattles, mobiles, poufs is called Creme anglaise. Pure pleasure. Check her on Laurette and Bobo Kids.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Munsters!

Based on a fictional little boy named Mikey Munster, the brand Munster Kids is one of the coolest on the market. Designed in Australia, the collection is inspired by music, arts and street culture. Initially for boys only, Autumn/Winter 2010 sees the launch of Missie Munster, Mikey Munster's little sister … double trouble!
Munster Kids will exhibit at Bubble London 31 January & 1 February 2010

Fairy walls

Illustrator Adolie Day created a fairy univers of repositional, restickable matte finish wall decals for Chocovenyl. A giant face that blends with the color of the wall and a bunch of smaller elements to play with the way you want, or better, the way the little master of the bedroom wants.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jennifer's little entreprise

Jennifer Valez is a busy bee. Specialized in fashion design & illustration, this mother of two succeeds in combining a job of art director in an advertisement agency and her own little enterprise, Sophie and Lili. She creates her fabric dolls on illustrator and digitally print them on 100%cotton. The back is made out of patterned new or vintage fabrics, making each doll different from the other. Sophie and Lili dolls are sold on etsy.com and through a bunch of online stores (fawnandforest.com, littlebeanshop.com).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good catch!

If you are looking for well made, creative + funky tees, Lucky Fish will make you happy. The Brooklyn based brand has an incredible selection of shapes, colors and prints, all with an irresistible rock'n'roll twist. You will find Lucky Fish at Yoya New York, Nonchalant Mom and many other good stores across the US. Check www.soluckyfish.com for more info.

We'll miss you Cookie...

It's just been confirmed and it's a sad news : Cookie Magazine won't be published anymore. All our thoughts go to the entire team who worked very hard and brought us joy with a unique magazine during the four last years.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Twisted wardrobe

Maarten De Ceulaer's creations embody the characteristics of the Academy of Eindhoven, whom he graduated from : conceptuality, poetry and emotion. His 100% leather handmade piece Pile of Suitcases was nominated for the Best New Product Award at the 100% Design exhibition during the London Design Festival, September 24-27th. Milan based Nilufar Gallery commissioned the Pile of Suitcases in a smaller size, as well as a desk called Pile of Briefcases. In a smaller size? Probably because the humor charged and fun wardrobe really calls for a child's bedroom... (Photographer Astrid Zuidema).